Building Experiences LiveStream Show

Join Mark Szulc and Special Guests live to discuss the latest topics related to Building Fantastic Customer Experiences using Adobe Experience Cloud. It’ll be technical, we might even show code, but if you are in a team tasked with building customer experiences then “hopefully” it’ll be fun and worth watching!

Adobe Cloud Manager provides a simple, yet robust solution that allows easy management, introspect and self-service of AEM environments. Zoran returns to discuss and demo some useful integrations to your CI/CD workflow including;

– Using GitHub Actions to sync remote repositories
– Get Pipeline notifications via Slack
– Use a Raspberry Pi to visually indicate environment status Join live and ask questions! Special

Guest: Zoran Nikolovski – Adobe

More shows coming soon. Let me know in the comments below what topics you want covered!

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Future Shows

  • Additional August shows announced soon!

Future Topics being planned

  • AEM Cloud Manager
  • Asset workflows with Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Launch
  • Digital Signage & AEM Screens
  • Chatbots

What else would you like to discuss? Would you like to be on the show?

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